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Books & Teenagers

I recently came across a picture that my eldest daughter drew when she was about 7 (she’s now 17) that I found on an old blog. She drew it unprompted, just because she felt like it and somehow inherently understood at that tender age the importance of sharing books with the young people in our […]


How to write the future?

This ia a very good question, and one I’m struggling with. For my work in progress, I have four female protagonists spread across four centuries. I’m used to writing historical fiction so I know and enjoy that process of research: going to the library, digging through archives, piecing together a picture of how people would […]


Lessons in Weariness

LESSONS IN WEARINESS As I lie on my back at the edge of Parliament Square, I stare up at the canopy of plane tree leaves above me and the clouds grazing the sky, and I don’t feel fear or anger or any of those things I’ve felt before. This time I just feel weary of […]

How to Write the Land

I have a friend who runs Ecotherapy East, bringing nature and mindfulness-based workshops to people, mainly from their rewilded land that they steward in Suffolk. It’s a beautiful place and I visited a while ago with my family to help with a land-tending day. I wondered if we could ever run a writing workshop there […]


A Life in Orange

In June of this year I attended a writing course in the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales run by three amazing writers: Jay Griffiths, Tom Bullough and Pascale Petit. It was held at Black Mountains College and was called Writing, Climate and the Living World, drawing in writers from across the UK who are exploring […]

In Defence of Life and Love

IN DEFENCE OF LIFE AND LOVE. A CONTEMPLATION WRITTEN IN HAIKU Morning I leave and wildflower meadow grounds me: cornflower, sainfoin. This is why I go. I will march for this beauty; this wildness roots me. The London-bound train, my curly-headed daughter writes in her journal. She challenged me and it’s because of her I’m […]


How to start a new novel

I finished writing The River Days of Rosie Crow a pretty long time ago now. Before that gem of a Christmas present knocked at my door of agent representation back in December, I was spending my time – A LOT of time – sending that novel off to agents and publishers and sometimes hearing back, […]