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When my children were really little, I used to read poems to them in the bath. I had a stack of poetry books down by the side of the tub and I found that while they were splashing around, it was a good opportunity to grab a book and read two…

Writing a Poem a Week for a Year

Published by Nine Arches Press and edited by Jo Bell and guest poets, this wonderful book is a year of poetry-writing prompts. I can't quite remember when it first came on to my radar - possibly through a podcast. But I am now up to…

Recording of my poem, Tripoli Dreaming

As I mentioned recently, I won first prize in Trip Fiction's Voyages by Verse poetry competition. I decided to record myself reading it, so have a listen below. bexstonehill · Tripoli Dreaming

First prize in Voyages by Verse Poetry Competition

I am over the moon to have won first place in Trip Fiction's Voyages by Verse poetry competition. It is only more recently that I have been spending more time with poetry - both reading and writing it - and I feel really honoured to win this…

The Public Library Love Letter

I have had my poem about my long relationship with public libraries published with online literary magazine, Idle Ink. Click here to read this very personal poem. Me around the age I started falling in love with books.