Magic Box poetry workshop

St.Anne’s is a Catholic school in a suburb of Nairobi called Kisserian. This group of kids (aged between 7 and 13) gave up their free holiday time to come back to school for a poetry workshop. We used Kit Wright’s wonderful poem, The Magic Box, as a starting point for group discussions, finally culminating in the children creating their own Magic Box poems.


The kids really threw themselves into the activity and came up with some wonderful ideas of things they would put in their ‘magic box’, also using simile, alliteration and metaphor.


Some examples of what the children wrote about: 

‘I will put in the box the first sip of morning dew / I will put in the box the smell of my grandmother’s chicken stew / I will put in the box a shellfish which opens to all the colours of the rainbow’

IMG_7713One boy brought his little brother along to the workshop! 


Some of the children came to the front at the end to share their poems


The St.Anne’s Creative Writing group

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