Last week I had a poem entitled Colourless published by Writers Rebel, a collective of writers under the Extinction Rebellion umbrella who believe in a duty to tell the truth about the climate emergency through the power of words and aim to galvanize actions to address it.

This poem was one I wrote over my year of writing a poem a week. It was the only poem I wrote about the climate crisis out of those 52 new creations, surprising really as I do spend a lot of time thinking about it. I’m pretty terrified about global government’s inaction on the most pressing issue that humanity has ever faced and what this planet will be like for my children and their children when they are my age – anyone else out there share these fears?

Read my poem on the Writers Rebel website here.

Speaking of Writers Rebel, along with a friend here in Norwich, we ran our first local group which drew together twelve people in an upstairs room of a pub. We shared our ideas about actions we could take through our writing, such as fly-posting the city with poems of rebellion, workshops and hopefully a Writers Rebel event to take place in September alongside Extinction Rebellion’s big gathering in London.

This is the first ‘break-out’ group of Writers Rebel and working closely with the original group, we are designing logos, planning actions and sharing our unique skills. It all feels very exciting and so, so necessary. Honestly? It also feels like a huge relief that there are so many of us deeply concerned about the same things and who want to harness the power of words to address the issues.

Please do follow our fledgling group on Instagram @norwichwritersrebel

Thank for for reading this blog post. Compliment it with reading a recent poem I read and performed for Refugee Week entitled Beneath the Same Sun & some reflections on my insatiable thirst for international travel and why it needs to change.

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