Creative Writing Workshops

Inspiring & Empowering Young People to Produce Work They Can Be Proud Of

Maybe you’re looking for a published author to interact with students.

Maybe you’re interested in injecting some variety into the curriculum through exciting creative activities for young people to get their teeth stuck into.

Maybe your students are based outside the UK and would benefit from engaging with a native English speaker.

I provide fun, engaging and motivational creative writing workshops in school and college settings. You can choose between poetry or fiction sessions and all workshops are tailored to the particular participating group.

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Workshop with Herning Gymnasium

I can provide either POETRY or FICTION workshops. Typically, a session will be structured in the following way:

  • A personal introduction, covering how I came to be a writer and my influences.
  • Interactive activities to introduce the topic
  • Thorough, step-by-step guidance to produce a poem or piece of fiction
  • An opportunity for students to share work and a Q & A session


How will you deliver the workshops?

I can work with students on a variety of virtual platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. If you are based in the UK and are interested in me visiting, please contact me here.

What is the duration of the workshops?

I can provide sessions that last for one hour and ten minutes, one and a half hours or two hours.

How much do the workshops cost?

Please contact me here for a list of my competitive rates.


In February 2021 I carried out a series of virtual workshops with Herning Gymnasium in Jutland, Denmark for students of all disciplines between the ages of 17 and 19.

Feedback from Students

‘It was truly inspirational to hear your story and get a glimpse of what it is like being an author. I enjoyed the practical part very much, it was so much fun to write a poem of my own.’ Tobias

‘I truly enjoyed the workshop. It was really inspiring.’ Andreas

‘Thank you for an inspirational lesson.’  Felix

‘At the start I was a little nervous about not being able to write anything, but you made it really easy to write.’ Via Feedback Form

‘I thought it was a really fun experience and a great way to do it. It was nice that you guided us through it and that the whole lesson was a mixture of you talking and guiding us, and us writing our poems’ Via Feedback Form

‘It can always be difficult to put your emotions into words, but I really liked the way you made us think…It can often be very boring to write poetry in school because there are guidelines you have to follow. But the way you presented the task, we were able to incorporate our own thoughts easily.’ Via Feedback Form

Feedback from Teachers

‘It has been an extremely positive and rewarding experience to join Rebecca Stonehill’s creative writing workshop. My students enjoyed it immensely and all felt very acknowledged by Rebecca in their creative process. Rebecca is a very good communicator and a very accommodating guide to the students. She creates a safe space for the students and greatly encourages them. Many students felt comfortable enough to send their poems to Rebecca afterwards, and they all got feedback on their poems in return. I credit Rebecca for making the students feel so brave and confident. We’ll make a class publication of the students’ poems to remind us of a creative project we’ll never forget.” Anette Ploug

‘Our students benefitted a lot from Rebecca’s straightforward, encouraging, and very British interaction with the students, and Rebecca made sure the students were active from the beginning, by asking them to participate via chat and sometimes also using the microphones. All the students got to write poems using their own, personal experiences related to the five human senses. Not only was the workshop itself relevant and interesting, it was also good for the students to work with English in a more practical and less academic way. The students also told me they enjoyed working with someone who was not their teacher – and a native speaker of English. Rebecca has my best recommendations.’ Rolf Wiecker

‘According to the evaluation with my classes, the students loved the lesson with you. The workshops were exciting and creative, a great alternative to normal lessons…you were good at explaining and it was great to hear a native speaker. You were very good at passing on knowledge and information, gave clear instructions, the topics were very relatable and you were on the same wavelength as the students. You were excellent at interacting with them and it was a good idea to use the chat function; you were good at keeping everyone active…and it was wonderful to see your passion. The workshop was very creative and educational, it was inspiring and a very positive surprise.’ Lotte Krintel Jensen

Please get in touch with me here for any more information about my workshops.

Rebecca Stonehill