It's all about reading

I love these two little pictures that my daughter drew recently, just because she felt like it. I couldn't agree more, it really is all about reading. I say time and again to the children I work with that my number one tip for being a good…

Story Cubes: A fantastic gift to ignite a child's imagination

I do so love these Story Cubes. They are perfect to get little imaginations fired up, even from as young as two or three. (My 3 year old always enjoys creating a story after rolling the dice.) A child can tell their own story from start to…

Have you ever tried Story Jars to get kids writing?

Story Jars A fun, simple idea to try at home. Children can come up with different people, situations and places and write them on slips of paper. Each child will then pick one paper from each jar and - hey presto - they have the beginning of…