Write to Travel

In my previous blog, I penned a few thoughts around the curbing of my incessant travel habit. As I was writing it, I considered a poetry competition I entered last year with Trip Fiction (a brilliant online resource pairing books with travel).…

This is not an easy blog post to write

✰ Caveat - Before anyone reads a word of this, the following blog is not intended to make anybody feel guilty. Guilt is such a counter-productive, ungenerous emotion. It leaves no space for change, for reflection, for openness. Everybody…

Recording of my poem, Tripoli Dreaming

As I mentioned recently, I won first prize in Trip Fiction's Voyages by Verse poetry competition. I decided to record myself reading it, so have a listen below. bexstonehill · Tripoli Dreaming

First prize in Voyages by Verse Poetry Competition

I am over the moon to have won first place in Trip Fiction's Voyages by Verse poetry competition. It is only more recently that I have been spending more time with poetry - both reading and writing it - and I feel really honoured to win this…

Second Prize in Trip Fiction Sense of Place Competition

I was delighted to discover last week that I had come second in a writing competition which 400 people from 35 countries entered. The remit was to write a piece of fiction or non-fiction under 3000 words that had a strong sense of place. I…

How to take a family gap year

I won runner up prize for The Green Parent writing competition 2018, talking about how we can travel responsibly with our families. Please find the article in full here.

Speaking to students in India

Well, I have left Nairobi and I am now in India for 6 months, travelling with my family! For more on our Indian travelling adventures, take a look at our website and blog, We even have a vlog which you can subscribe to on…
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Use this powerful tool to choose your next holiday read

Travelling and Reading: Two of my favourite things in the world. Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered, a website devoted to location-based fiction. There are so many of us who, when we go on holiday, would love to delve…
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Novel Number Three: The cave men and women from the 1960's

There are experiences in our young lives we look back upon with a fervent fondness that the passing of time does nothing to dampen. These experiences can last for mere days, perhaps several weeks, months or even years. I'm talking about those…

5 Top Tips for Journalling with Kids

'I'm tired of glossy, re-touched, plastic, overdubbed, laughtracked, advertised experience. I want crude - straight from the soul.' Hannah Hichman What is journalling, if not straight from the soul? That experience of one person and a blank…