Story Maps

Having three children means I get to test lots of my workshop ideas out on them which can be really helpful. This week, I worked with the top class of a kindergarten (equivalent to Year 1), “making a story” and trying this out with my kids first proved invaluable. To “make” this story, we created an illustrated story map on the whiteboard, slowly building on the story little by little through pictures so that the children had a visual framework to then join in with me and re-tell the tale. Telling the story together was high-energy, lots of fun and even those kids eyeing my suspiciously at the start were joining in by the end.

After then re-telling the story to each other in pairs with the help of the picture map, they used the framework which had been thoroughly internalized by then to think of their own characters and situations. Lots of fun and I’ll definitely be doing this again.

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