Sci Fi Writing for Kids

I approached Sci Fi writing for my creative writing club with some trepidation – I haven’t done much Sci Fi writing myself and I just wasn’t sure if they’d run with it. But how wrong could I be? All the kids loved it, and I mean loved it. We began the session by chatting in small groups about where we would visit if we could climb into a time machine (It was fun also to imagine exactly what this time machine would look like). As a group, we went on to discuss and note down the  kinds of things that would be different about the past or the future, for example food, clothes, landscapes, technology & homes. I asked the children to climb into their time machine and be transported to the year 3000.

Using some or all of the variables we’d come up with, I asked the children to respond in writing, in either poetry or prose, to their new world in the year 3000. Fabulous! They couldn’t stop writing. We had changing-colour digital t-shirts that wash themselves whilst wearing them, people living in giant nests, plastic trees (living, breathing trees are extinct) and robotic birds to name but a few of the ideas. This was such an enjoyable activity, and I definitely mustn’t shy away from Sci Fi writing in the future as the children responded to it brilliantly.

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