My favourite 5 books from the second half of 2017

It’s been a busy six months: publishing my third novel, packing up our house & leaving Nairobi. But I’ve read more than ever. Reading is a constant for me, an anchor and refuge and my day is never finished without losing myself within the pages of a book. So here are my five favourite reads from the second half of 2017. I’d highly recommend them all for different reasons, so read on…and enjoy!


The Wild Places

by Robert Macfarlane

This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read, and certainly the most beautiful non-fiction. Taking in geology, literature, history, personal commentary and so much more, this book is a call to the wild: understanding the nature we have in the British Isles, and what we stand to lose.


Eve Green

by Susan Fletcher

I was hugely impressed by Fletcher’s debut novel, particularly her lyrical prose and evident connection with the natural world. The story itself is disturbing but also captivating and beautiful and I was a little shocked I had not heard of her before. I am definitely going to read more of her novels.



by Sofi  Oksanen

What a fantastic writer! The blurb on the back said Oksanen is the hottest new crime writer around, and another reviewer suggested not reading it before bedtime, so I was expecting something rather different. This is so much MORE than a crime book – it is history, Soviet politics and it is also stunningly written, in more of a literary style. This is the only of Oksanen’s books translated from Finnish…very much hoping for further translations to English soon!


Black Swan Green

by David Mitchell

I think this is my favourite of David Mitchell’s books. This is actually quite strange, considering I’m pretty keen on a strong plot and actually, there wasn’t a great deal of plot in Black Swan Green. And yet, the antics of 13 year old protagonist Jason carried me along fantastically, and I loved how characters from Mitchell’s other books cropped up. This was a real 1982 retro-throwback read, tied up in inventive language and brilliant characterisation. 

The Mountain in my Shoe 

by Louise Beech

I must confess I am only half way through Louise Beech’s second novel, but I am very confident that it will receive a hearty 5 ☆’s from me. I can hardly put it down! Beech delicately and sensitively interweaves mystery with notes on a thoroughly believable, troubled ten year old boy whom I almost want to reach through the pages to embrace him. Louise Beech is fast turning into one of favourite writers.


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