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May I touch your hair?

I recently read a book by Aja Barber called Consumed which caused me to take a long, hard look at the clothes I wear, their provenance, and how the clothing industry is helping to fuel the climate crisis. I’ve really never been into fashion and have always been good at picking out great items from […]

April-June Reading BAME authors

So how do I decide which books I’m going to read in this journey of only reading BAME authors during 2021? I have several pages in a big notebook where I have two lists of books that I ‘must’ read this year and books that I will ‘maybe’ read. I’m always adding to the lists […]

Interview with Backlash Press

Recently, my third novel The Secret Life of Alfred Nightingale was selected by an independent publisher Backlash Press as one of their ‘curated indie’ titles. Backlash describes itself as a small, independent press publishing house dedicated to releasing work that narrates a contemplated resistance to obedience and trend. As part of their work, they take […]


The Curious World of Waiting

There is a great deal documented about the process of writing a novel: crafting a plot and characterisation and the story arc or the editing process, for example. There has also been much written about the finished product of a book: working with an agent who then finds a publisher before cranking into life the […]