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Last week I had a poem entitled Colourless published by Writers Rebel, a collective of writers under the Extinction Rebellion umbrella who believe in a duty to tell the truth about the climate emergency through the power of words and aim to galvanize actions to address it. This poem was one I wrote over my […]

Beneath the Same Sun

I’ve written a fair few poems over the years, but I’ve never read one in public before. The thought of these things is often scarier than the reality, and I decided to submit a poem I wrote specially for Refugee Week following a call out for poetry and prose at a local Norwich venue. The […]


Publication Triumph in Mslexia Magazine

This may not sound very exciting, to have a short 300-word piece of creative non-fiction published in a magazine. But for me, it is a real triumph. Let me explain. I have been subscribing to Mslexia Magazine for about eighteen years, a fantastic women’s writing magazine filled with through-provoking articles on writing, plus a selection […]


How to Grow a Library

A couple of years after moving with my family to Nairobi (where we lived between 2013 and 2017), I started thinking about the fact that the school my children attended didn’t have a library and I felt unhappy about this. A reading culture in a school is so vital and I don’t need to go […]


The Stories We Tell Ourselves

I realise that I’m pretty good at telling myself – and other people – carefully crafted stories that have endured over a long period of time; stories that I’ve never thought to question. In my non-fiction book coming out later this year in which I explore living for many years with chronic insomnia, I talk […]

Once a Little Bird Told Me

I have been teaching creative writing to a child called Carina, aged 7, for about a year and a half now. Even writing that sentence gives me pause for thought, because can creative writing actually be taught? Well, I prefer to think of it as enabling, empowering and encouraging, but obviously this doesn’t roll off […]