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Want to help me write a novel?

As you probably know, I’m travelling round India right now with my husband and three kids (familygappers.com)and lots of people have been asking me, will your next novel be set in India and based on your experiences? The short answer is no, because I’ve got something brewing right now for the next novel which I’m really excited about. But I also have a longer answer for you. So many people have been asking this question that it makes me realise that people may be interested in reading something set here. India is a stunning, fascinating, complicated country, no doubt about it. And yes, maybe I really do have a novel in me that can be inspired by these experiences. But I’ll be honest with you: I haven’t a clue what this book would be about…yet. And that got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be fun if my readers could help me out?  I have plenty of time before I plan to start writing novel #5, because as soon as I get back to England I’ll start writing the fourth book.

SO. Here’s where YOU come in. I’ll throw out a few ‘what-if’ ideas for you to get thinking…

What if a family goes travelling in India, they go to sleep one night on an overnight train and the next morning, one child is missing…

What if…a family head to India on holiday as a last resort because the couple are having marital problems, thinking this may help them stay together…

What if…a family are travelling in India but whilst they are away, a secret between the husband and wife unravels. throwing the whole family and the trip into chaos…

What if…anything else you can think of!

Any ideas going around your head? If so, don’t keep them to yourself! !lease send them to me at rnarracott@gmail.com. If anyone has an idea that I decide to use in some way, your name will go into the acknowledgements plus I’ll give you a seriously special shout out. Let your imagination run wild. I am all ears! 🙂

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