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Tracy Rees: Catching a dream and soaring to Richard & Judy bestseller heights

I am absolutely delighted to welcome historical fiction author Tracy Rees on to my blog today. In 2015, Tracy won Richard and Judy's highly competitive Search for a Bestseller competition with her debut novel, Amy Snow and won hearts…

Mau Mau: The Kenyan Terrorists of the 1950's...Or were they?

The Mau Mau terrorised Kenya in the 1950's, their long, dreadlocked hair and wild eyes sending citizens up and down the country and far beyond into a frenzy of fear. Medieval-style oathing ceremonies took place, enlisting the support of the…

"If God had meant whites and blacks to mix, he would not have placed them on different continents.” What some mixed race couples faced to be together.

One of the major themes of my second novel, The Girl and the Sunbird, is forbidden love. Mixed race relationships were once an enormous taboo and, in some parts of the world, remain so. I wanted to explore the repercussions of this in a colonial…