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The idea behind Independent Bookshop Week (running this year from 20-27 June 2020) is simple:

If you’re not sure where your nearest independent bookshop is, search here, get in touch with them and check how they’re taking orders, buy a book and then tag them on social media to encourage more people to do the same.

We all know that indie bookshops were struggling, even pre-Covid days. We all want thriving, diverse high streets without boarded up windows, right? And yet, so many people just go for the easiest clickable option. It only takes about 5 more minutes to find your nearest bookshop and support them. Many will post books directly out to you, particularly now during the pandemic.

Whether you are reading this during the actual Independent Bookshop Week or way beyond that, let’s spread the book love and keep these vital, vibrant hubs alive.


I couldn’t resist including this picture of my daughter (now aged 14, then aged 3) enjoying the delights of an independent bookstore before she was even big enough for her feet to reach the ground from a chair.

Here in Norwich, a city in the East of England where I live, I have a couple of favourite indie bookstores.

The first is Bookbugs and Dragon Tales, run by an extremely helpful and personable couple and located atop a historic Norwich hill. Specialising in (but not limited to) children’s books, it is also a cafe and arts centre, so what’s not to love?

Bookbugs and Dragontales opens in Norwich | Eastern Daily Press

Bookbugs and Dragontales opens in Norwich | Eastern Daily Press

The second is The Book Hive which is like an Aladdin’s Den of books, replete with cosy corners, author events and again, very friendly and helpful staff. Frankly, I’d quite like to just live in this shop.

The Book Hive (@bookhive) | Twitter
Norwich's book shop owner Henry Layte on his three-year-old Book ...

How about you? Where is your favourite independent bookshop?

Do drop me a line in the comments and let me know.

Rebecca Stonehill
2 replies
  1. sustainablemum
    sustainablemum says:

    I love independent bookshops they are such special places. We used to have a fantastic one in my nearest town which I could always find a present in when I needed to buy one. I never went in with a list as I was always guaranteed to find something that was just what I wanted. I was completely lost when it closed. Thankfully we now have another one, completely different but still a really good shop. I support it and have been through lockdown.

  2. Rebecca Stonehill
    Rebecca Stonehill says:

    That’s so brilliant that another opened when the last one closed. When we lived in London, when a Waterstones came to my local area, the bookshop / cafe / community centre that had been there for 100 years closed down which was completely gutting. Bookshops are so special, they feel like old friends.


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