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When I get the time (the big “when”), I love writing short stories. So what better than to write some flash fiction, which is very short stories. Not long ago I discovered Friday Fictioneers, hosted by an author, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Each week she posts a photograph and writers are invited to contribute a complete piece of short fiction of 100 words or less using the picture as inspiration. No easy task, but a fantastic challenge.

Photo Credit © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Redemption of Black Ice

I’ve been absent ever since, they say. In my own world. Polite ways of saying having a breakdown.

But then: I was driving, too fast, along the snowy road. I saw you, clear as day, in the rearview mirror.

‘Stop,’ you said.

I slammed on the brake, heart pounding in my ears. The car swerved, wing mirror cuffing a low-hanging branch.

I scrambled outside, frozen wind wailing. And there, a patch of black ice, spreading like a stain across the road.


When you died, you broke my heart. But saving my life now, perhaps you’re helping me to start mending it again?

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  • Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

    Dear Rebecca,

    Lovely story, full of pathos and backstory layered between the lines. Nicely done.



    • Rebecca Stonehill

      Thanks so much Rochelle, I really enjoyed this one


    Dear Rebecca, lots of pathos. There’s some backstory that a longer piece will surely bring forth to light. I like the zippy zany way of writing here.

    • Rebecca Stonehill

      Thanks so much Neel, I’m glad you enjoyed it

  • Russell

    We used to have a book called Angels Among Us. This story sounds like one of those. Now that she knows he’s watching over her she can move on with confidence.

    • Rebecca Stonehill

      Thanks for your comment Russell. I’ll have to look that book up!

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