Historical women's fiction author

Inspiring young people to write

Magic Pencil evolved out of a desire to see young people have greater access to creative writing and poetry and to get them excited about stories, words and language. I am a strong believer in all children being able to write,  as all children possess wonderful imaginations. But the right environment must be created in order for children to feel comfortable and confident to produce work they can be proud of.

To these ends, I am passionate about working with young people and using creative writing and poetry as a medium to promote self-confidence and an increased clarity of expression. By demystifying the creative process and making it accessible to a wide variety of young people, regardless of their abilities or background,  I enjoy drawing out the innate creative abilities that all young people possess with the added benefits of consolidating literacy and communication skills and fostering self-esteem.

I have been writing for many years and have had many short stories published in literary magazines as well as a number of articles published on a variety of lifestyle, travel and parenting themes. I am from London but currently live in Nairobi, Kenya.


I run creative writing and poetry workshops in schools and community centres in Nairobi with a variety of ages and abilities. The workshops can be for a duration of either one or two hours. Please contact me for further details.



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