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Which kids’ book inspired one man to cycle across the globe?

SuperCyclingMan, currently in Germany

I have a friend I went to university with, Will Hodson, who is currently at the start of a five year cycling journey that will take him across all seven continents. And not only that, but he is cycling each and every day in a Superman costume. Yes, really.

There’s a reason and a story behind all this though. A primary school teacher from South West London, one day Will read his group of Class One children a story called Max by the leading Australian picture book creator Bob Graham. This is the tale of the son of superheroes, the proud owner of a cape and mask. Yet he cannot fly and his parents just cannot understand why not. But one day, he saves a falling baby bird from crashing to the ground and realises that he can fly, he is just a different type of superhero from his parents: a small hero (though no less important), doing small deeds.

Will and his class were really inspired by this story. He says that “I loved the message that WeCanAllBeHeroes and that small acts of kindness are actually everyday heroic acts and can have a massive impact on other people.” After reading the book, his Year One class all made their own superhero costumes to celebrate whatever they were good at. There was a SuperFootballGirl and a SuperReadingBoy, and Will dressed as SuperCyclingMan. But whilst most would leave it there, Will decided to take it a step further. He went on a few long cycle rides in the school holidays in his costume and his class so enjoyed following his journey and adventures, that Will decided to do something nobody has ever attempted before: to cycle across all seven continents.

Will left last month from Tower Bridge in London, but this journey will take a whopping five years and he will cross 100,000 km’s, including Antarctica. All in his SuperCyclingMan outfit. Not only is he raising money for various charities, but Will also wants to encourage people to believe in their unique talents (his hashtag is #WeCanAllBeHeroes) and inspire adults and children from all walks of life to get on their bikes, have an adventure and live their lives to the full. And to think this all started from a children’s book. Well done Bob Graham and well done Max. And even more importantly, good for you SuperCyclingMan!

To visit Will’s website which is packed full of information about his trip (you can also track his journey across the globe, particularly fun for kids as the whole site is presented in comic form) and to support him, click here. And here is SuperCycling man himself explaining his quest:






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