I wonder

ImageI am three quarters of the way through my Coursera online course, Teaching character and creating positive classrooms, and at the moment we’re focussing on building the teaching of character strengths into lesson plans. With this in mind, today at the after-school club we spent quite a lot of time thinking about ‘Curiosity’, what it means and where it can lead us. Inspired by Jeannie Kirby’s poem ‘I wonder’ the group wrote their own curiosity poems. They were all brilliant, but here’s one of them, written by Jeannie:

I wonder why flowers bloom, and then they die so soon.

Why do seasons come and go, and why it never snows?

What makes the sky so blue, and what makes chickens coo?

Why do trees have leaves, and why are so many things concealed?

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  1. Elizabeth Stonehill
    Elizabeth Stonehill says:

    This really looks wonderful Bex and know any young person would be inspired by your ingenuity… well done.


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