Halloween Poetry

With Halloween on the horizon, in October I worked with Year 3 pupils at the Banda School to produce responses to James Kirkup’s poem ‘Who’s That?’ The children worked brilliantly together to come up with some spooky nouns, adjectives and verbs and then on their own, using their imaginations to create a poem in response to the question Kirkup poses at the end of his own poem: ‘ Who’s THIS?’

Here are two examples by pupils:

It was a creepy hairy wicked witch with a terrifying laugh

She had on a pointy, purple hat.

The witch looked at me and smiled a wicked smile

She was ugly, spooky and terrifying.

She had brown , uneven teeth

With breath as stinky as a dumpster.

I was so terrified, I screamed and started running.

By Charlotte 


In the darkness I hear a screeching noise.

I start to cry but nothing happens.

I realise that I am trapped.

The light is flickering.

The door suddenly crashes open and all the lights go out.

I hear swishing and see blood drip down….

By Angus