A First Book of Nature


I do so love this book. Written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Mark Hearld, A First Book of Nature is a celebration of nature and all the colours, textures and beauty of the British countryside and the changing seasons. Hearld’s stunning papercut, collage and watercolour pictures combine perfectly with Davies’ poetic and whimsical descriptions to make this book both a visual and visceral treat that guides us through the year, causing us to look more closely at the nature that surrounds us everywhere in both city and countrside, from noticing ‘patchwork pigeons’ to the art of making berry crumble during the autumn months, to how to observe the quiet, important work of worms.


I think one of the reasons I love this book so much is because it makes me feel nostalgic for my native Britain. It makes me want to bring Mark Hearld and Nicola Davies to Kenya to record the beauty of this land with as much perception and warmth as they have done in this beautiful book.


Every bit as much a treat for adults as it is for children, it is impossible not to fall spellbound whilst turning the pages of A First Book of Nature, produced by Walker Books. I really cannot recommend it enough. It’s one of those books that will be revisited time and again and grow with both child and adult.



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