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This poem below is not written by a child. It is written by Brigitte from Mother Bertilla’s Vocational Training Centre where I run voluntary creative writing workshops. She is is 23 years old and has not written much poetry before. I thought this was so beautiful and really wanted to share it. Brigitte wrote this poem in response to Mapping Our World by Linda Newbery.

Like the wind blows the sadness of my soul

in the dark world I called out

only silence and the beat of my heart understood

those tears that flew an ocean on my cheeks.

Oh! Life of yesterday, left me to crawl in the woods

If only tears grew flowers, silence of birds

became songs that soothe my soul

I called but the forest hid my voice.

Nevertheless, my morning brought sunshine

the moon and stars became my friends

my stream of water in the woods.

e.e. cummings broke all the rules when it came to writing poetry. He wrote in a heady mixture of capital and small letters, with words being cut off before the end of the line in a veritable dance of word play.

See if you can work out what these three children from Magic Pencil wrote last week in e.e.cummings style.

They are p.i.nyangi, l.c.narracott & n.i.fourman (aka Portia, Lily & Nefertiti!)

 IMG_1609 IMG_1608


Poem written as a response to The Rev Spooner’s Shopping List by Andy Seed

February 2017

Written by Portia

(If you don’t know what a Spoonerism is, you will after reading this poem!)

The Rev Spooner’s Cafe

Link Pemonade

Nicken Choodles

Cpinach Sream

Sealthy Hmoothy

Pausage Sizza

Shilk Make

Chalty Sips

Serry Choda

Jread & Bam

Jrange Ouice

Nicken Chuggets!

Poem written as a response to ‘The Green Bear’ by Richard Edwards

February 2017

Written by Renae

I am a leopard-coated zebra.

I do not live in the savanna

like other zebras, I live in

the city and drive a small car.

I am a leopard-coated zebra.

I do not eat grass like other zebras

I eat a lot of meat and go to Dubai a lot.

I am a leopard-coated zebra.

I am not fast like other zebras

I hang out with tortoises and slugs

’cause I am a leopard-coated zebra.

Haiku inspired by the Christmas holidays

January 2017

Written by Zahara

Yes! We ate waffles

My Mum took pictures of me

I saw the full moon.

I had so much fun

The Sleeping Warrior Lodge

We saw antelopes.

Poems inspired by ‘My Shiny Shoes’ by Margot Henderson

May 2016

Written by Ciku

My jumper is a fluffy shell

and has a musty, sweaty smell,

It’s a little world, just for me,

a place where I can just be,

It’s rarely ever washed,

I think it might be growing moss.

It’s a soft universe with a hood

and I wear it more than I should,

but I love it because it’s mine

even though is sometimes smells like lime.

Written by Mirye

My PS4 is a wild spinning blade

a powerful hero who through dangers wade

My PS4 is a powerful gun

My PS4 has a golden block sun

My PS4 is a brave strong man

he is a strong hunger, a guardian

My PS4 is Arysc the King,

with his son Mallik will destroy everything.

Mini Protest Poems

April 2016

Written by Maya

Grey elephant

lying in the hot sun

Where are your tusks?

And your herd is none.

Written by Pendo

The bare earth

ugly with no trees

It makes me cry.

Written by Titi

Isis your man are killers

They are stepping on us,

Honestly, you are a


Written by Nifa

The world is angry

with each other

but what is white for,

if it is to mean peace?

Written by Mirye

Al Shabab,

you drab, homicidal losers,

You reap, and you creep

AK47 losers.

Haiku (Inspired by nature)

Written by Nifa, February 2016

Its beautiful wing

Flutters around in the sunlight

It is colourful

Written by Zahara

Bush beside a tree

The rain came crashing and the

bush sways away now

Written by Shali

Looks like a clam fish

With its brown mouth wide open

holding seeds inside

Written by Maya

I’m small and round, oh

I’m as bright as yellow sun

I like to stand out

In Mr Magoo’s Amazing Zoo

Written by Mirye, February 2016

In Mr Magoo’s Amazing Zoo you will find

Jimmy the treacherous taipan

Buddy the bulky black mamba

Doug the pug on a rug drinking grog from a  jug

Penny the powerful polar bear

and Will the Kill Tasmanian Devil.

Rain Poems written as a response to Lemn Sissay’s brilliant vertical poem ‘Rain’


Ciku’s Rain Poem 

(Horizontally transcribed for ease of reading!)

Loud is the thunder

which annoys my slumber

It pitter patters on my roof

I hope my roof is rainproof

The floor is as cold as rain

and my floor is plain

my brother he slumbers

I wonder how with all the thunder

The house is cold

and soon to be sold

I look up at the black sky

and want to cry

but soon the light of dawn

comes to my room

and weird shadow looms

And here is Lemn Sissay’s poem itself, written on the side of a building above a take-away in Manchester, UK

November 2015‘Word’ Similes written as a response to Leslie’s Norris’s ‘The Thin Prison’, November 2015

Written by Magic Pencil Club

Words ticking like a clock

Words shooting like stars

Words whistling like a kettle

Words flying like the wind

Words flashing like lightning

Words bursting like a balloon

Poems written as a response to Rachel Rooney’s ‘Wide Open’, June 2015

Written by Claire Kunkio

My magic eye can see the small ants talking to each other while carrying food from one place to another

It glimpses an antelope when it is chased by a lioness

My magic eye has watched the stars up in the sky at night making different shapes

Sometimes, my magic eye spots aliens working very hard to survive.

My magic eye is enchanting.

Written by Trizah Nyawira Munviri

My magic eye can see the divers deep, deep in the sea as they search for minerals

It looks at the past and sees the British as they ruled the country they colonized

My magic eye has discovered and showed me the future with me and my great grandchildren sitting on a chair

My magic eye glimpses the dark, quiet forest as the lion passes on its way.

My magic eye is gorgeous.

Written by Stella Wakibui Maina

My magic eyes can see the eagles flying up in the sky, fighting to enter through the storm

It watches the mammals: duck-billed platypus and spiny anteater laying eggs near the water

My magic eye has spotted the types of clouds found in the sky

Sometimes, when my magic eye looks  underwater, it sees the animals there swimming.

My magic eye is fantastic.

Group poem written as a response to Rachel Rooney’s ‘Wide Open’, June 2015

Written by Standard 6, St Anne’s School Kisserian

My magic eye sees the circular blue earth rotating on its own axis

My magic eye can see the hot burning magmas under the surface of the huge mountain before it erupts

It can see T-Rex’s happily eating gazelles for breakfast

My magic eye can see tiny stomata on the surface of a leaf

My magic eye can see people investigating on the bright crescent moon.

Poems written as a response to Shel Silverstein’s ‘Whatif’, June 2015

Written by James Wasilwa:

Last night while I lay thinking here

Some whatifs crawled inside my ear

Whatif my parents die?

Whatif I can’t blink my eye?

Whatif I can’t climb a tree?

Whatif my brother can’t see?

Whatif I feel thirsty?

Whatif it starts getting misty?

Whatif I can’t write a book?

Whatif I’m so ugly you can’t look?

Whatif my mother buys me new pants?

Whatif I get bitten by ants?

Whatif there’s a storm of darkness?

Whatif I have a sister names Agnes?

Everything seems swell and then

the nighttime whatifs strike again!

Written by Maxwel Kimani:

Last night while I lay thinking here

Some whatif’s crawled inside my ear

Whatif my relatives get lost?

Whatif my parents die?

Whatif my sister was in a plane crash?

Whatif my father gets eaten by a wild animal?

Whatif I crawl my whole life?

Whatif I am dumb?

What if I’m beaten up badly?

Whatif I lose my clothes?

Whatif a lightening bolt strikes me?

Whatif I am buried underneath the ground alive?

Whatif I am swallowed by a monster?

Everything seems swell, and then

the nighttime whatifs strike again!

Poems written as a response to Kit Wright’s ‘The Magic Box’, May 2015

Written by Wanjiku:

I will put in the box

The twilight of the stars

the blue moon on a cool night

the sweet song of sunbirds at dawn

the venom from the end of a scorpion’s tail

the holy water from River Ganges.

I will put in the box

the thunder bolts that Zeus once held

the past, present, future

all seasons put in one

and Persephone’s beautiful voice.

My box is fashioned from the strength of the universe

the mysterious jewels from Tutankhamon’s tomb

It’s hinges are two crescent moons

and in the corners music from Ancient Greece.


Written by Nifa:

I will put in the box

A tiger with blue teeth

A horse with a steering wheel

A squirrel and a buffalo

The sun and the moon

A restaurant with a house at the bottom and bamboo shoes

And water with yellow and pink marks in it.

I will put in the box

An Australian elf with a kangaroo for a pet

A green camel with three humps on its back

And a snake with fifteen heads and three eyes.

My box is fashioned from a whale’s tooth, wood

and pipes for the hinges

with shoes on the lid and houses in the corners.


Written by Lulu:

I will put in the box

the swish of a blue gum tree on a summer night

fire from the volcano.

I will put in the box a doll from Kenya

and a fish from the  sea that is gold and red and blue with light.

My box is fashioned from wood and ice and the light of the sun.

On the lid I’ve got gold and grace.


Written by Maya:

I will put in the box

the click-clack of a knife cutting carrots

the swish of a tree on a dark night

the drop of a tear from a baby

the leaf from an oak tree.

I will put in the box

the bark from an olive tree

the ice cold wind from the Antarctica

a pile of ashes from a book destroyed by a fire

the cry of a child.

My box is fashioned from ebony, mist and passion

with moons on the side and love in the corners.

Its hinges are made from bear fur.

I will travel in my box to Wales and then to Hong Kong

I will love my box forever.


Written by Kelsey:

I will put in the box a red komodo dragon

with spikey scales.

My box is fashioned from wood, snow and flowers

with a snowman on the lid

and dragons in the corners.


(But a box, of course, doesn’t have to only contain beautiful things. How about putting our fears into our own magic box and closing the lid on it? Demonstrated below by Mirye.)

Written by Mirye:

I will put in the box

Confusion and more confusion and hot dogs

I will put in the box broken promises and injuries.

I will put in the box fear and sadness and hunger.

I will put in the box cold and darkness and death.

My box is fashioned from obsidian steel and nightmares

with monsters on the lid and anger in the corners.


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