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Part 3 of my Self-Publishing Journey: The other side of the tunnel

In my previous blog charting part 2 of my self-publishing journey, I confessed that I had fallen out of love with my novel in quite a big way and that I was struggling significantly to move forwards with it. Well…I am pleased to say that I have emerged through the other side of what often […]


Matala Snapshots: Then & Now and Title for Book #3!

Are you ready for some photos? Whenever I write, whatever it is – short story, poetry, some creative non-fiction or full length novel – imagery is always really important to me. I must have pictures in my head, not just vague images but I come to know exactly what my characters look like, the shade […]


How to get kids writing with jazz

I’m a firm believer in the power of music as a creative force. I’ve written before about using music alongside creative writing in order to see where this takes children on the page, as well as the importance of playlists for my novels. Rhythm and music / Poetry…They’re two sides of the same coin really […]

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