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How Kenya, land of contradictions, can inspire a novel

Kenya: land of contrasts and contradictions. Of startling beauty and crippling poverty. Of sincere kindness and rotten politics. Of a thousand-hued landscapes and unyielding poaching. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been caught up in the sheer joy of the moment. Marvelling at the golden light slanting on the grass after a heavy […]


Mau Mau: The Kenyan Terrorists of the 1950’s…Or were they?

The Mau Mau terrorised Kenya in the 1950’s, their long, dreadlocked hair and wild eyes sending citizens up and down the country and far beyond into a frenzy of fear. Medieval-style oathing ceremonies took place, enlisting the support of the Kikuyu, Kenya’s predominant ethnic group. Meanwhile, settlers across the British colony were hounded down and brutally murdered […]


“If God had meant whites and blacks to mix, he would not have placed them on different continents.” What some mixed race couples faced to be together.

One of the major themes of my second novel, The Girl and the Sunbird, is forbidden love. Mixed race relationships were once an enormous taboo and, in some parts of the world, remain so. I wanted to explore the repercussions of this in a colonial setting where a strict etiquette governs social structures, going to great lengths […]


Interview with Scott Mullins from This Is Writing

An interview I did with Scott Mullins from This Is Writing is now live! Click here to read it. There were some really interesting questions which I had to think hard about, for example how I would define creativity, and what’s my greatest fear as a writer. Loved it! Thanks Scott. (Find him on twitter and […]


A Celebration of #WonderfulWomen – who do you nominate?

One week today, my second novel The Girl and the Sunbird will be published. To help celebrate this, in the week leading up to this I’m launching the #WonderfulWomen campaign. I’d LOVE for you to take part. Here’s what it’s all about… Think of any female, alive or dead, personally known or unknown to you, […]


Why should we read Historical Fiction?

I’m going to let you into a little secret: I never intended to write Historical Fiction. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy reading it from time to time, but in my pre-novel days when I focused on the short story form, they were almost always set in the present day. When I started putting my […]


The curious truth about book covers

So here’s a curious thing I’ve learnt about the covers of novels since becoming a published author: They don’t have to (and often don’t) have anything to do with the book’s contents. Seems peculiar, doesn’t it? Counter-intuitive? Downright odd, because surely the cover of a book needs to give a potential reader a decent idea […]

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