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Philip Pullman's Alethiometer

Without this being a conscious choice, my monday afternoon creative writing groups seem to have divided into girls and boys as my after-school club is a group of girls and then I go on to do another session with boys. Now normally I am not in…

Ndiritu Wahome spins some fairytales

I met Ndiritu Wahome at Storymoja Literature Festival in Nairobi and as I'm a big fan of writing for children, it's great to come across people here in Kenya who write for a younger audience, particularly if their writing is a shift away from…

The Pilot and the Little Prince

I was listening to the wonderful Cerys Matthews on her Sunday morning radio show on Radio 6 (if you’ve never tuned into this, I urge you to do so - it's very eclectic music including a live session, as well as poetry and recipes!) and this…

Book publication party of The Poet's Wife

We were so excited on friday night, publication day of The Poet's Wife, that we completely forgot to take photos. Here is a single one my husband took whilst I was reading a passage from the novel. It was such a wonderful evening and just…

Publication day for The Poet's Wife!

My debut novel, THE POET'S WIFE is out today! PLEASE buy it, let me know what you think, leave a review on amazon and goodreads and tell your friends and family about it. Thank you :)

Identity Poetry

My greatest challenge I find when I'm doing creative writing and poetry workshops is the time element - trying to squeeze everything I've planned (which always includes fun warm up exercises and small group discussions) into the timeframe…

Moon Man by Tomi Ungerer

'On clear, starry nights the Moon Man can be seen curled up in his shimmering seat in space. Every night from his drifting sphere, the Moon Man was filled with envy as he watched the earth people dance. "If only once I could join the fun," he…

Nairobi's Storymoja Festival

I have just spent the past three out of five days at Nairobi's Storymoja Literature Festival. It is an offshoot from the UK's Hay Literature Festival and showcases literature, art and music from Kenya, other African countries and beyond as…

Writing from Art

A very enjoyable activity I did recently was to provide students with a piece of art and then ask them to form in their heads an idea of what had happened just before and just after the scene they are looking at. I chose Velazquez's 'The…

A nice entry

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