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The curious truth about book covers

So here’s a curious thing I’ve learnt about the covers of novels since becoming a published author: They don’t have to (and often don’t) have anything to do with the book’s contents. Seems peculiar, doesn’t it? Counter-intuitive? Downright odd, because surely the cover of a book needs to give a potential reader a decent idea […]

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Carving a path for our children through written & oral landscapes

Illustration by Thomas James Words are like water. They ebb and flow, transforming as the years pass to camouflage themselves in their surroundings. Language shapes and moulds our identities, providing a emotional anchor for our pasts and a compass for our presents. Unsurprisingly, our written and oral landscape has altered significantly over the past decades. Those separated by […]


Five celebratory online spaces to inspire curiosity & creativty

Do you ever find yourself browsing through the internet, searching for calming spaces, free from clutter, hyperbole & advertising, places that leave you feeling inspired, a little bit wiser or just plain happy? Such sites are surprisingly difficult to find and whilst, of course, these tastes are entirely subjective, I’ve found over the years several sites […]


The Power of Public Space Poetry

Have you ever been walking through a public space when you’re stopped, suddenly, in your tracks by the most uplifting, unexpected sight? Public Poetry. Perhaps humanity needs this more than ever. Words to make us stop and think. Words to encourage us to make the right choices. Words to inspire to uplift to nurture to remind […]