What are the implications of buying ‘art’?

Every artist amongst us, no matter the medium, pours love, time, hard work and hope into our creations. Last weekend, whilst staying at the magical Kitengela Glass in Nairobi, I came across this sign (sorry about the wonkiness of the photo):


This really, really struck me. Yes, the sentiment is not new but I love the way this is expressed. Whether we are creating a piece of music, jewellery, a book, a sculpture, poem or a screenplay, whatever creative endeavour it is, the finished result is a slice of ourselves. So this means, when we buy or even enjoy another’s piece of art, we owe it to that artist to pause and consider the complex tapestry of emotions, moments, days, months and years that have contributed to it.


‘…you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul.’



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