The Power of Public Space Poetry

Have you ever been walking through a public space when you’re stopped, suddenly, in your tracks by the most uplifting, unexpected sight?

Public Poetry.

Perhaps humanity needs this more than ever.

Words to make us stop and think.

Words to encourage us to make the right choices.

Words to inspire

to uplift

to nurture

to remind us

of our shared humanity,

of the little things that, essentially, are the big things

and that we only get one shot at this.

Robert Montgomery, Bexhill-On-Sea (UK)

A.R.Ammons, Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)

Sidewalk Poetry Project, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)

Robert Montgomery, Istanbul (Turkey)

Lemn Sissay, Huddersfield (UK)

A few words can change just about everything.

Who’s up for a public outpouring of public poetry?


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